• Jeff MacDonald

    Jeff MacDonald

    Digital Strategist / Creative Technologist

  • Katrina Engelman

    Katrina Engelman

    We are slaves to the objects around us.

  • Tracey Carl

    Tracey Carl

    Marketing Strategist and Process Maker. Penchant for DIYing / wordsmithing / pun-running / GIF referencing. My thoughts are my own.

  • Lucien Coy

    Lucien Coy

    Part creative, part strategist. Interested in (= nerdy about) type, food, advertising, music, and so much more.

  • Pete Caban

    Pete Caban

  • Jordan Goss

    Jordan Goss

  • David Burn

    David Burn

    Editor of Founder of Bonehook, a guide service and bait shop for brands. Fan of Kurt Vonnegut, Nebraska football and wolves in the wild.

  • pete caban/ mekanism

    pete caban/ mekanism

    partner/strategic development @ mekanism

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